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At C3 Solutions we understand the importance of an uninterrupted Cardiac/OR surgical schedule, and the unique value that the Perfusion Team provides in this process. Our flexible Client solutions are designed to provide perfusion relief and keep the schedule running smoothly when the unplanned need for temporary perfusion services arise.

All our client agreements are tailored to meet each program’s unique requirements. We are available to meet staffing demands that are created by family medical leave, vacations, short staffing, and any other perfusion staffing shortage that affects your cardiac surgical schedule.

Our staffing model is flexible for both the hospital and the perfusion team. We understand that to provide a high quality and fair service, the partnership needs to be mutually beneficial for all involved parties.

Please feel free to contact C3 Solutions and learn more.

Together, David Christaldi, Michael Curry and Adam Clark will help your organization through any perfusion staffing shortage.